Privacy Policy


    The developer/s of this Do One Day application/service does not need or require any personal information from you the user to access or use the app.

    An example of personal information includes but is not limited to:

    • - Name and surname.
    • - Device Details eg type, operating system
    • - Email address
    • - Location information
    • - Gender Preferences
    • - Race
    • - Payment information
    • - Picture

    In order to use some applications/service created by this developer/s you may be required sign up and provide certain permissions related to that service for example Location information for map based services, or camera access for applications that allow the user to interact using the camera. The permission request will be presented to you when it is necessary and you can revoke or all permissions at any time in the application settings screen.

    All information provided by you the user remains yours and will not be sold or shared with anyone.


    The developer/s of this application/ service abhor any kind of advertising on user screens and do not subscribe to any advertising partnerships.


    Any information that is provided by you the user will only be used for the express purpose it is intended and will not be kept for any other purpose other than what is required.

    In order to use some of the application/service created by this developer/s we may be required to store your name and email address and any other relevant information related to the service/application you are using. Some features may be able to operate on the device you are using without the need for network access, whilst other features may require network access in order to authenticate you the user and to enjoy the full benefit of the application/service.

    If you have any questions related to this policy please contact me on the details provided.